Mini Capoeira with Silvio de Oliveira

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19th September — 12th December 2019
Running time: 45 minutes

An Afro-Brazilian adventure of music and movement – feel the rhythm!  Children and their guardian can dance, play and expel energy.


I started learning Capoeira in 1990, and have been teaching for 23 years. I have always been attracted to the folkloric roots of Capoeira so I play drums and the Berimbau to help my students learn the true roots of Capoeira from Africa. I am really excited to offer this new class to PDSW which will encorporate the lesser-known side of the folkloric dances, songs and rhythms that contribute to the Art of Capoeira. These dances Jongo, Maculele, Samba and Frevo have roots in African dance and are accompanied by songs in the Portuguese language which I like to share with my students.

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