Musical Moving with Anna Gillespie

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13th April 2024
Running time: 45 minutes

Musical Moving


Musical Moving will focus on the power of music to stimulate and enhance expressive and functional movement. We will also explore how dynamic vocal work can support a strong voice and give rhythmic clarity to movement.

No dance experience needed.

Meet the workshop leader, Anna Gillespie

Anna’s background is in both music and dance. She graduated from The Laban Center in ’88 and has been involved in the Contemporary and Ballet world ever since. In 2006 she was approached by Marion North, the founder and ex-principal of the Laban center, about working with people living with Parkinsons through dance. Marion had developed Parkinson’s and clearly saw the links between thinking as a dancer and accessing expressive movement as a person with Parkinson’s. This started a journey that is ever evolving for Anna. She has been involved with many of the Dance for Parkinson’s practitioners throughout the country and is keen to share and learn whenever she can.

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Sat 13 April 2024
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Starts 14:30
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