My Dancers and Me by Rod Cossou

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13th April 2024

Little did I know when I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, how important a part PDSW would play in my life. In addition to the Parkinson’s Dance Science classes, I would develop a creative side in poetry and craft. The proceeds of all sales from my crafts that I exhibit in the foyer here go to Pavilion Dance.  

Why my “Dancers”? Why not? The predecessor to the “Argentine Tango” was my Cartoon phase. There was and is such good humour to be shared in each and every Parkinson’s Dance class. I translated that humour into cartoons. I was never short of material, back then, Aimee and Sophia provided that in abundance. Hence “HAPPY FRIDAY”.

Of course we didn’t do the Argentine Tango, but we did, the Parky Tango. We were often complimented on our Pliés. Yes, ballet too. Each piece of craft displayed today, comes with a generous helping of Parkinson’s Imperfections. 

The process starts on my iPad Art and in comes what I call “Happy Accidents”’. These happy accidents decide what comes next. Hidden within my work is a timeline of my well being and my craft journey with Parky. When viewing these and other works, please give some thoughts to the limitations of Parkinson’s -v- the therapeutic output you are viewing. Each day, fifty persons within the UK will have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s. I sincerely hope you will have enjoyed the display and encouraged to make a purchase or a donation or both. Please be assured that all proceeds go to Pavilion Dance South West. Thank you for taking time to view my Family of Dancers  


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