Open Ballet with Mandy Henderson – Autumn 2021

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7th September — 7th December 2021
Running time: 60 minutes

A beautiful, flowing class which combines a Ballet dancer’s daily routine with Ballet technique exercises, helping you to develop a strong, graceful body and a Dancer’s posture.

This is a mixed ability class but some previous ballet experience and knowledge of the basics will be useful.

Teacher Bio

Mandy Henderson:

Mandy started dancing aged 10 and went on to perform professionally world-wide in musical theatre and cabaret for 10 years. She has since been teaching dance and has continued to work in the Health and Fitness Industry as well. In 1990, Mandy discovered social partner dancing in the form of Modern Jive, and now regularly dances, and teaches, West Coast Swing, Argentine Tango, Salsa and Modern Jive whenever she can. “I love the international language of dance – once you know the basics, you can go to a class or a social dance anywhere in the world and be able to express yourself, connect with your body and the other people, and share that moment in time. I have been teaching an ‘Open’ Ballet Class at Pavilion Dance since 2018 which, for me, celebrates the joy of Ballet. An ‘Open’ class caters for everyone – from the people who are just starting out, to the ones who did it many years ago, to ex-professional Ballet dancers, and everyone in between – this is the beauty of Ballet and why I love teaching it so much.”

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