Papyllon (R&D) by Ella Mesma: Livestream repeat with Audio Description

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18th — 24th January 2021

A second chance to catch PDSW Supported Artist Ella MesmasPapyllon R&D’ filmed live at PDSW in October 2020 – now available with both Captions and Audio Description (created in collaboration with Ella Mesma)

‘Papyllon’ with Captions

‘Papyllon’ with Audio Description

Audio Description by Caroline Burns.

About ‘Papyllon’…

Join PDSW’s Supported Artist as she explores identity, heritage, imposter syndrome and privilege. Ella confesses why and how she doesn’t fit, with a goal to transcend all of her mind chatter and be her best self.

Inspired by the four stages of transformation in the lifecycle of the butterfly, this piece will use text, song and movement to explore themes of Race, Herstory, Nature, Nurture, Shamanism and Alchemy.

This is a composition created with live music using dance, meditation and aerial silks. A live musician (Marv Radio) creates an entirely improvised response to her work.

This is an intimate performance filmed live and streamed the very same day from our theatre in Bournemouth in October 2020,

This work is not a final piece – but an opportunity to see a work in development from one of the UK’s best rising dance talent.

After the show, there’s an intimate post-show chat with CEO and Artistic Director Zannah Chisholm to find out more about the creation of this piece.

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