Parkinson’s Dance Classes – SUMMER 2021 – IN-HOUSE

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21st May — 27th August 2021
Running time: 90 minutes

Fri 6 – Fri 27 Aug, 14:30-16:00hrs 

We are thrilled to continue to open our doors and welcome you to dance with us in our Seafront Studio for our fun Friday Parkinson’s Dance classes.

Parkinson’s Dance is a fun movement-based class, designed specifically for the symptoms of Parkinson’s.*

Parkinson’s Dance classes are £5.50 (carers go free) and last 90 minutes to allow for plenty of dancing and socialising.

Teacher information:

Parkinson’s Dance classes are led by a team of two teachers highly experienced in the Parkinson’s Dance Science Method.

*The teachers have a wealth of experience in community dance practice and will ensure you have a supportive and creative time with us.

For more information contact Lisa, Dance Producer for Wellbeing:

*All classes use the Parkinson’s Dance Science model co-founded by Neuro-Physiotherapist Dr Sophia Hulbert and Dance Artist Aimee Hobbs with support from PDSW.

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