Queer-Utopian Dreamin’ – dance workshop with Claud Tonietto

Performance information
17th August 2022
Running time: 120 minutes

In this workshop, we will work individually and collectively to map a space that centres queer joy. We will work with movement as well as with drawing, writing, imagery and more, to create our own utopian mini-universe.

The session will be led by Claud Tonietto, a dance artist based in Cornwall who is passionate about using their work to make space for queer identities and queer stories to be visible, and for people in the LGBTQIA+ community to come together.

This workshop is for people over 18 years old. No previous dance experience is required. Everyone is welcome!

(Please note there are 15 spaces available for this workshop)

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Wed 17 August 2022
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