Second Hand Dance – We Touch, We Play, We Dance

Performance information
12th February 2022
Running time: 45 minutes

The four dancers in ‘We Touch, We Play, We Dance’ weave around the space, inviting babies and children to join them in a warm hearted and playful performance. With music mixed live by a DJ, the dancers respond to the children, guiding them through a series of exchanges and encounters, with high fives, hugs and dancing.

Created by Second Hand Dance ‘We Touch, We Play, We Dance’ is a mesmerising, engaging and fun performance for children under 3. It’s a show filled with surprises and joys where you and your child can listen and watch or let loose and join in. Either way, you’ll have a wonderful time.

Your Safety This show is about dance, play and touch. You and your little one can choose to do this or watch and enjoy. The dancers and DJ take Covid tests before each show, sanitize their hands, the space and seating. We’ll have plenty of sanitizer for you as well.

Performance Times The morning performance will be more gentle, for babies or children who might prefer that. The afternoon is for those who might want to join in more energetically.

Date & details
Time & date
Tickets & pricing
Sat 12 February 2022
Good availability
Starts 10:30
Ends 11:15
Under 5's
Sat 12 February 2022
Good availability
Starts 13:30
Ends 14:15
Under 5's

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