Self-publishing vs Partnership Publishing: An Author’s View

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27th April 2024
Running time: 60 minutes

An interview with two authors who have taken different routes to publication

With authors Steve Couch and Jude Hayland, hosted by Chloe May from Troubador Publishing

Join us in this author interview as we delve into the perspective of two authors, one of which has self-published their work and the other who chose partnership publishing. We’ll explore the intricacies, advantages, and challenges of each path, gaining invaluable insights for your own publishing journey. The bulk of the session will be a comprehensive discussion between the host and authors that will empower authors attending to make informed decisions tailored to their creative goals and aspirations. Whether you’re already navigating your publishing route or seeking guidance on where to go next, this session promises to demystify the choices and offer insights for your own success in the ever-evolving landscape of publishing.


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Sat 27 April 2024
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Starts 15:00
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