Performance information
5th November 2021
Running time: 90 minutes
A new triple bill of classical Indian dance by UK’s leading choreographer Nina Rajarani MBE.

Through the medium of Bharatanatyam and Kathak, and originally composed live music, ‘SEVENS’ will explore the sacred, and sometimes sinful, significance of the number seven. From playful and energetic, to soulful and contemplative, the show will take audiences on an emotion-filled and entertaining journey.

An ensemble cast of renowned UK-based Indian classical dancers and musicians will be sharing the stage in this unique show conceptualised and choreographed by award-winning Bharatanatyam dancer and choreographer Nina Rajarani MBE, with an original music score by composers Y Yadavan and Shammi Pithia.

Seven Snags: A flirtatious courtship, the choreographic equivalent of an obstacle race, this fast-paced ensemble is rhythmic, full of exciting dynamics and laced with challenging cross-rhythms.

Seven Steps: A duet by Nina Rajarani MBE and vocalist/composer Y Yadavan, based on ‘saptapadi’ (seven steps) – the most important rite of a Hindu marriage ceremony. With each step, the couple take a vow that is beautiful, simple and timeless.

Seven SinsThe age-old concept of rights and wrongs, performed by the full ensemble of seven dancers and musicians. This thought-provoking, nuanced piece questions the very perception, and challenges what have become social norms.

“Rajarani’s take on classical Indian dance is invigorating.” – The Sunday Times

“The highlight was the deeply moving vocal, composed and sung faultlessly by Y Yadavan” – The Independent

Have a full dance experience with Srishti’s introduction to Indian Dance workshop to learn some of these beautiful classical dance moves

We can offer socially distanced seating if you would prefer.
Please contact our Box Office team so they can help you plan where you would like to be positioned within the theatre. 
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Fri 5 November 2021
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Starts 19:30
Ends 21:00
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