Street Dance 9-12yr olds with Anthony Biela

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9th January 2020
Running time: 60 minutes

A fun class to learn popping, locking and breaking moves and begin or continue your journey in Street Dance.


Anthony Biela is a Dancer/ Choreographer/Creative Director, he went to train in London and Los Angeles and has 10 years experience working with all ages and abilities. Anthony loves to share his passion, in his classes, you’ll enroll yourself in the journey of Street Dance, learning about the culture of Hip Hop and the different styles of dance that came out of it, such as Popping, Locking, Breaking and many others!!!


Our youth classes are designed so that young people can develop their confidence and dance skills in a relaxed environment. Due to this, classes can only be undertaken for the whole term with a taster option available for the first two weeks. If you would like to join part way through the term, please call front of house on 01202 203630.

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