SWDAN presents..Technique Workshop with Claire Benson

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19th September 2020
Running time: 90 minutes

Technique Workshop with Claire Benson:

Join Claire for a professional level class that is heavily influenced by Limon technique, which looks at the use of fall and suspension when dancing – gathering energy and releasing it with the use of breath to initiate and control movement.

This will be a fast paced and energetic class.

South West Dance Artists Network (SWDAN) and PDSW are bringing a desperately needed CPD weekend for professional Dance Artists in the South West. The Artist Recovery Plan will take place digitally on 19th-20th September – comprising four 1.5 hour workshops in Technique, Choreography, Online Presence and Fitness & Wellbeing.

All workshops will be of a professional level but are open to all who would like to take part.

This weekend will offer four paid opportunities to professional artists in the South West. We would like to encourage participants to join in for the CPD opportunity and in support of the facilitators who may have endured hardship during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Book all four Artist Recovery sessions using the promo code SWDAN at checkout for a special bundle price of £20.

Disclaimer: we kindly ask participants to come to these sessions with the knowledge that workshops are shaped for the continuous professional development of dance artists, therefore a good understanding of movement practice is required. 

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