The Job Of A Blog God: Establishing Yourself As A Writer Online And Making Words Pay

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27th April 2024
Running time: 60 minutes

No-one is hiring writers anymore, that dream staffer role just doesn’t exist, so why not create your own?

Poet, Musician, Journalist, and Freelance Copywriter Matt Miles

It used to be that poets and writers used journalism as a side hustle to fund their creative passions. In the modern landscape, it might be harder to break into paid writing work than it is to self-publish a viral poetry collection.

I have worked as the assistant editor at a busy London music magazine, pitched and published with the traditional press, and earned myself a wage through words as a freelance copywriter for hire.

It all started with a blog. A blog I am still happy to call my primary source of income. This workshop is designed to teach you how you can carve your own unique path and leverage your strengths, passions, and niche interests to get paid for your writing today. With the goal of securing even higher paying freelance work using your own site as your portfolio tomorrow.


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Sat 27 April 2024
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Starts 13:00
Ends 14:00

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