TIMBER (workshop) with Elinor Lewis

Performance information
11th September 2021
Running time: 180 minutes
Want to take some bold, new creative risks?

Curious to step outside your creative comfort zone and choreograph with large pieces of set design for the first time?

Thrill-seekers everywhere! Join performance artist, Elinor Lewis for TIMBER! Get ready to make teetering balancing acts, dodge through precariously balanced set design and catch falling objects in the nick of time.

This hands on, physical workshop will explore the creative positives of risk-taking and uncertainty, supporting you to boldly occupy risky creative spaces.

Playfully challenge yourself to choreograph a way through a forest of vertically balanced poles, without knocking them all down like a bull in a china shop.

See if you can tiptoe through a row of door-sized wooden frames without toppling them like dominoes.

Create as part of a team to create some gravity-defying choreography. Open discussions will allow you to reflect on your own attitudes towards creative risk-taking and invite you to unpick stereotypical narratives about risk-taking and gender as a group.

Bring your curiosity, brace yourself and come explore the benefits of taking new risks and risk’s relationship with creativity.

Suitable for people who have experience in dance, movement, performance art, live art and/or physical theatre.

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Sat 11 September 2021
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Starts 13:00
Ends 16:00

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