Binary Opposition by Reckless Sleepers

Performance information
19th April 2024
Running time: 40 minutes

Come and see our space in a new way….

A large wooden structure with the outline of two rooms is built and members of the community are invited to play with movement within and around it. What can we make?

Reckless Sleepers are based between UK and Belgium, specialising in mashing up theatre, visual art, performance and participation.  They are named after a Rene Magritte painting and their work has been compared to choreographers/visual artists Pina Bausch and Rosemary Butcher, amongst others.

Binary Opposition involves a local cast of up to 20 people exploring spatial dynamics of a large wooden frame denoting two rooms. It’s a playground, but it will contain “a set of rules, a social order, a structure, a chaos in an ordered way.”

The large wooden structure will be installed in our Ocean Theatre for two weeks and during that time, invited groups from the local community including Arts University Bournemouth Dance & Architecture students and Home Education groups will explore the set and create a special performance unique to Bournemouth.

Suitable for all ages

There will be a post-show talk after the show with the Artistic Director, Mole Wetherell 

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Fri 19 April 2024
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Starts 18:30
Ends 19:10
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Universal Credit

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