Vivre Dance Company Taster Workshop

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5th — 12th December 2019
Running time: 120 minutes

Vivre Dance Company is our brand-new dance company for people aged 50 and over, who will meet for two hours every week to train and create new choreography.

The company will form a collective of individuals who have existing experience in dance and/or dance training, who are willing to explore and push the boundaries of their creativity and who aspire to perform.

Our ambition is for Vivre Dance Company to be a friendly, generous and a supportive space where technique is developed, creativity is cultivated and performance confidence nurtured.

We’re thrilled to announce Vivre Dance Company will be led by Artistic Director Elizabeth Bolwell.


The company will launch with it’s first 12-week term starting 16th January 2020, where we will meet every Thursday between 2 and 4pm in PDSW’s Garden Studio to focus on technique, creativity and performance.

PDSW will be hosting Vivre Dance Company Taster Workshops on Thursday 5th and 12th December 2019, 2-4pm in our Garden Studio. This will be an opportunity to meet Artistic Director Elizabeth Bolwell, connect with other dancers and experience the generous dance creativity that will underpin the company as it launches in January 2020.

You are welcome to attend either or both taster workshops. Limited spaces available, so do secure your space below.

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Thu 5 December 2019
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Starts 14:00
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Thu 12 December 2019
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