Dance & Tech Forum (ONLINE) Session 1 – Audience, Innovation and Digital Technology

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8th October 2020
Running time: 90 minutes

Whose work is it anyway?

An interactive session exploring audience,  innovation and digital technology led by Emma McFarland. Emma leads the innovation programme at The National Gallery alongside her work as an independent Innovation and Digital Producer and Consultant with organisations including Studio Wayne McGregor – where she leads the QuestLab Network programme – and Made by Katie Green. Emma’s work – spanning the arts, social inclusion and digital worlds – has always been about making new connections between people, ideas and disciplines which help us to do things differently and make more of a difference. She is joined by Rebecca Evans (Pell Ensemble) and Tony Adigun (Avante Garde Dance).

Please register by 12 noon, Friday 1 October, for this event. Zoom links and information will be emailed in advance.

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Music: Dan Hayes (original music from (in)Dignity of Labour)

Clips: (in)Dignity of Labour, Strange Creatures are makeAMPLIFY and Museums in Motion and TAG are makeAMPLIFY with BEEE Creative

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Thu 8 October 2020
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Starts 11:00
Ends 12:30

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