West Coast Swing Workshops with Mandy Henderson – Summer 2024

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4th May — 15th June 2024
Running time: 120 minutes

West Coast Swing is a popular social partner dance that has spread around the world. It can be danced to a wide variety of musical styles and genres and allows for improvisation.

Our workshops with Mandy Henderson introduce you to the 5 basic patterns and rhythms of this fun, smooth partner dance. But be warned when dancing – this style is addictive!

No partner or previous experience is required. Please wear light and comfortable clothing and shoes with a smooth sole which will slide comfortably on the studio floor (to protect your knees!).

This is a series of 3 workshops held on 4th May, 25th May and 15th June.  You can join us for any one of the dates or all 3 sessions to get the best West Coast Swing dance experience.

More about West Coast Swing Dance

West Coast Swing is a partner dance that has grown in popularity in recent years.  Its roots date back to 1930s Los Angeles where it evolved from a few dance styles of the time including Lindy hop, western swing, country boogie and jump blues.

The dance takes place in a designated space on the dance floor with the follower travelling back and forth in that space, while the leader moves only minimally.   Using this kind of dance slot space allows for dancers to dance without colliding with other couples.   Find out more about the history West Coast Swing.


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