When the Bleeding Stops by Lovísa Ósk Gunnarsdóttir

Performance information
21st September 2024
Running time: 40 minutes

When the Bleeding Stops is a performance addressing the silence and taboo that seems to engulf menopause in Western society.  Created by Icelandic artist Lovísa Ósk Gunnarsdóttir, this piece is inspired by her own personal experience of aging as a dancer.

After suffering an injury five years ago, Lovísa was forced to reconsider her relationship with dance and the body. This process opened her eyes to the silence around menopause and her own lack of knowledge on the subject. She began researching and posted an open invitation online where she invited menopausal women to participate in her project. Before she knew it, she was working with a large number of women from across Icelandic society.

When the Bleeding Stops invites the audience into a world of vulnerability, shame, empathy and humour. Working with local communities, it transports us into the privacy of participants’ homes, and dives deep into the many layers of the female experience associated with menopause – inviting us to laugh, cry and celebrate with these women.

A group of women on stage dancing

Photo credit: Tale Hendnes

Lovísa is on a mission to present the performance internationally, connecting to local, menopausal women in each place, gathering stories and dance videos from them, introducing them to her artistic practice and inviting them to join her on stage.

To date the show has been seen in Iceland, Germany, Norway, Scotland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Poland. Pavilion Dance is pleased to present this performance in partnership with The Place in London.

Suitable for 12yrs+

Banner photo by Owen Fiene.  

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Sat 21 September 2024
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Starts 19:30
Ends 20:10
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