Your Chance to Star in #GOGGLEDANCE!

Performance information
29th August 2020


#GOGGLEDANCE is a performance right outside people’s homes – a personalised show for that household and their neighbours. At an agreed time, we’ll turn up outside their home and a solo dancer will perform a ten-minute piece.

Hear from VOXED Artistic Director, Wayne Parsons about the project and how to apply.

The live performances of #GOGGLEDANCE will be in three sections:

  • ‘Watch Us’
  • ‘Follow Me’
  • ‘Be You’

Everyone that applies will be included, even if you don’t have a performance outside your home. Everyone will be sent a short dance to learn that has a moment at the end where each household can showcase their own creative sides. These submissions will then be included in our digital distribution using the hashtag #GOGGLEDANCE

It’s going to be a really fun thing to do – we want people to get dressed up, get creative and get dancing! The idea is to get loads of people from across the UK having a boogie and sharing with their local community and their local theatre. They’ll be able to showcase their own talents for the world!


Our performances in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole will be happening on Saturday 29 August. We’ll rock up at an agreed time and perform a solo dance outside YOUR home and get we’d love for you to join with our professional dancer throwing shapes and having a groove.


All you need to do is record you, your family, your friends, even the cat – whoever’s inside the house with you – watching, joining in and getting creative. Come just as you are, dressed up for a big night or even get out the fancy dress! Afterwards, you send us your phone footage*, and we’ll use it in a professionally made film combining our performance with yours, which we’ll share online.


Live performances will take place on 29 August and the films will be available online from 5 September – 3 October on the social platforms of VOXED and PDSW Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube.

Contact Cheryl for more information about how to apply.

#GOGGLEDANCE was originally produced in Scarborough by VOXED and Stephen Joseph Theatre.

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