I lead on all technical requirements and enquiries

Elese Ayres
Technical Manager

Contact me for questions relating to social dance events, Team Away Days and Business Come Dancing

Cheryl Baldacchino
Events Producer

I manage the financial functions at Pavilion Dance

Naomi Dickens
Finance Officer

I lead on the artistic vision for the organisation

Victor Fung
Artistic Director and Joint CEO

I lead on Family programming & artist residencies and support Victor on the professional programme.

Jeanette Hinton
Performances Producer

I lead on business development and strategy

Helen Keall
Executive Director and Joint CEO

I support on marketing and communications

Emily Liddell
Marketing Officer (Placement)

I look after health & well being programmes, including Parkinson's Dance

Lisa Lort
Dance Producer for Wellbeing

I look after our Young People Community Projects including COAST, Origins, Young Choreographers

Katie Neal
Young People's Producer (Community) and Safeguarding Lead

I look after our Learning Associate Schools activities and School community projects

Amy Reynolds
Young People's Producer (Schools) and Safeguarding Lead

I help with bookings for classes, performances, and any Pavilion Dance queries

Anita Robberts
Front of House Assistant

I can help with bookings for classes, performance and any Pavilion Dance queries.

Bronwen Russell
Front of House Assistant

I manage the Front Of House operations and team.

Gemma Varnfield
Front Of House Team Leader

I can help with any hire, volunteering or venue questions.

Matthew Vass-White
Venue Manager and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

I lead on strategy and planning for marketing and communications

Caron Ward
Marketing & Communications Manager

I look after our weekly classes and community participation projects, including Dancing Terraces

Katie Ward
Participation Producer

I can help with bookings for classes, performance and any Pavilion Dance queries.

Jasmin David
Front of House Assistant

The Board

Consultant Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Changemaker, Coach, Engagement Strategist

Natasha Player

Chief Executive of Anvil Arts.

Matthew Cleaver

Head of Marketing and Communications at Lewis-Manning Hospice Care

Olivia Girling
Young Trusteee

Young Trustee and Arts University Bournemouth Dance Degree Student

Hannah Malone
Young Trustee

I help connect PDSW with local business to build on the opportunities that arise

Toby Marden

Director of Kauma Arts and a freelance consultant

Mercy Nabirye

Artistic Director at The Place

Eddie Nixon

Current career break. Previously Audit Director for PRGX UK Ltd

Pete Preselo

Senior HR Professional (recently retired)

Jon Ward

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