The best Friday afternoons ever – always different, always fun and a feeling of relaxation as well as hard work of course. Laughter and happy times 

Established in 2012, our weekly fun Friday Parkinson’s Dance class supports those living with Parkinson’s to enjoy the social, fun and creative benefits of dance.

How will Parkinson’s Dance help?

Classes are based on the Parkinson’s Dance Science approach, co-founded by Neuro-physiotherapist Dr Sophia Hulbert and dance artist Aimee Hobbs, with support from Pavilion Dance. It combines physiotherapeutic effect, research evidence and the artistic experience of dance to address Parkinson’s symptoms in a fun, social and creative way.

Why Dance? was a 3-year feasibility study commissioned by Pavilion Dance in collaboration with Dr Sophia Hulbert and University of Southampton to explore what long term impact Parkinson’s Dance classes might have on measurements of quality of life. Discover more here.

What to expect?

A warm welcome with a pre-class cuppa social, the community and connections made are special

Every class is 90 minutes and led by a friendly and experienced duo of Parkinson’s Dance Science teachers

The teaching team will creatively guide you through movement with music, which includes seated, standing, ballet barre and travel (seated options are available through out)

A friend, carer or partner are welcome to join in the class for free

When can I join?

To book onto our weekly fun Friday class click here

For more information contact Wellbeing Producer, Lisa:

Parkinson’s Dance Class Neighbours?

During 2016-2020, we were fortunate to work with fantastic partners (Forest Arts Centre, Dorchester Arts and Artslink) to roll out Parkinson’s Dance to other locations in Dorset/Hampshire. These partners now host these classes independently within their own fabulous creative spaces in Dorchester, New Milton and Sherbourne: 

Book your class below:

Parkinsons Dance with Carla Black & Samantha Gillingham – Autumn 2023
8th September — 8th December 2023
Fridays at 2.30pm
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