Our weekly Friday Parkinson’s Dance classes offer a range of movement styles to empower the body and stimulate the mind to address the symptoms of Parkinson’s. Classes are based on the Parkinson’s Dance Science model, a marriage of physio-therapy and creative dance, co-founded by Dr Sophia Hulbert and Aimee Hobbs with support and investment from us (PDSW). We have directly invested in the development of this model through the set up of three additional classes across Dorset and Hampshire – now becoming self-sustaining. The four Parkinson’s Dance hosts meet regularly at our Parkinson’s Dance Network to discuss professional development, exchange practice and update on status.

Additional Parkinson’s Dance classes can be found at:

What to expect in a class:

PDSW’s fun Friday classes happen from 3.15-4.45pm and you can expect:

Parkinsons Dance with Aimee Hobbs and Louise Hopley
10th January — 3rd April 2020
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