I can feel anxious, but then I can feel free

SHIFT Dance, a partnership with Dorset Mind, uses the power of dance to support young teenagers to build self-esteem and a sense of belonging, whilst nurturing their wellbeing.

The programme is a series of 8 workshops placing young people at the heart of learning and making moves to feel empowered and have fun. Leaving everyday life outside the door and creating a safe space for creativity, self-expression and freedom. Workshops are led by a highly experienced team, including Lead Dance Artist, Emily Thompson Smith and Wellbeing Practitioner, Maxine Middleton-Budd.

The programme can be hosted in both school and community settings, in and out of curricular time and is currently being experienced within The Cornerstone Academy in Hamworthy, Poole. During one term at the school, 87.5% of attendees felt an improvement in their wellbeing during the course of the workshop with 75% of participants reporting they deal with problems well more often (SWEMWBS, 8 out of 10 participants).

For more information, contact Lisa Lort, Wellbeing Producer (email below).

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