COVID-19 PDSW’s approach to supporting artists and companies.

We recognise the emotional, financial and physical concerns you will have about COVID-19. Being a self employed worker is a vulnerable place to be – most of us here have also been self employed at different parts of our working lives and experienced this ourselves.

We will do our best to stay connected with you during the Emergency, to honour contracts and pay compensation, wherever possible, if we can’t progress Agreements to Contracts due to cancelled events. 

The Artists’ Newsletter will continue to go out every other week so do subscribe to it lower down on this page or email if you have a query.

At Pavilion Dance South West, we support and invest in the development of artists and the art form of dance.

We do this in a number of ways:

Communication: We ensure that dance artists and those interested in the art form of dance are kept up to date with news and opportunities. Whilst we have a key focus on South West activities and events, we also share information on initiatives from across the UK and internationally.

Collaboration: We work in partnership with artists and other organisations to ensure access to resources to explore and make excellent work. This may be through a residency programme, investing in commissions, or participating in creative partnerships that connect artists to audience.

Co-Responsibility: By supporting and participating in networks, projects and other initiatives that contribute to the professional development of dance artists and those who programme dance, we aim to encourage further investment in the future of dance.

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