Working with dancers, choreographers and companies in 2024   

Pavilion Dance empowers and champions diverse artistic voices. Our programme celebrates the unique perspectives and experiences that artists bring to our dancing community. We collaborate deeply with artists; rather than curating to specific themes, we amplify artists’ voices and connect them with our communities. We are therefore interested in working with artists who: 

· Activate and reimagine spaces in creative ways  

· Engage and connect with people in our community  

We work collaboratively with artists in authentic and meaningful ways. You will see proactive producing from us, shaping the contexts in which artistic works are presented.  


Our year-round performance programme is curated by Victor Fung (Artistic Director) and Jeanette Hinton (Performances Producer). Between January to June and September to December, we present around 12 major projects plus smaller sharings in our theatre. During the summer months, we take our work outdoors, collaborating with a range of partners to deliver dance experiences in various settings. We advocate for a Deep Touring model where dance artists engage and connect with our communities, hence we often work with artists whose practice naturally align with such ethos. 

If you have a new touring show, please send the details of the production to We guarantee the material will be reviewed by our team. We will be in touch if the project fits with our programming from 2025 onwards. Please note that we tend to finalise our programme 12 months in advance where possible.  

Do invite us to attend your events in person, be it live work that is completed and ready to tour or R&D sharings in the studio. We are a small team so do bear with us. If you don’t hear back from us, it means that we don’t have any opportunities that fit your work in the upcoming programme. We cannot take all the quality work that is suggested to us, but we do look at every show as a unique proposition rather than taking every show from specific companies. Sometimes we may be able to suggest your show to other promoters if we cannot take the work ourselves. 

The Artist Newsletter goes out every month featuring callouts, CPD and networking events, and other artist support & development opportunities for touring dancers and companies with a specific focus on the South West England region. Please email if you have something you’d like to include in the Artist Newsletter. 


As part of our commitment to fair treatment of freelancers, in particular the principles of Fair Pay and Transparency which are included in the 5 Guiding Principles drawn up by the Freelance Dance Taskforce in 2021, we publish our dance freelancer pay rates.  Click on the link below to see the current rates. 


We recognise that the environment for making and presenting work is particularly tough at the moment. Please explore our other Professional Practice pages for ways to engage with us and do send your suggestions for CPD sessions which may help you sustain your career in Dance to 


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