PDSW advocates for dance in South West England under the ‘Dance Matters’ banner. We run events and meetings for those working in dance to network with peers, or talk about work by/with/for children and young people, or about work linked to health & wellbeing – ensuring there are moments to talk dance and share experience, ideas, knowledge and skills. Keep an eye on the What’s On section of the website for more details. The programme was quieter during 2019 while we ran Surf The Wave and the UK Dance Showcase but will return to normal service through 2020.

South West Dance Promoters’ Network

The South West Dance Promoters’ Network has emerged from Surf The Wave and Shift & Share dance showcasing and touring programmes. It provides an opportunity to meet with programmers from across the region, consider ways of working together and talk about challenges and opportunities in touring dance. If you want to keep in touch with any of the Dance Matters or South West Dance Promoter’s Network events and meetings, please sign up here.

#SWDancing 2019

#SWDancing ran through 2018 to raise awareness of the amazing range of dance work going on around the region. In 2019, it was developed into a website SWDancing2019 to showcase work available for tour by artists from the South West at the UK Dance Showcase. The hashtag will reappear at various points in the future to allow the connection between far flung dance to continue to be highlighted. PDSW commissioned it from Grand Visionary Solutions and from 2020 it will be maintained by PDSW. The dance artists and companies on this site are self-selected. If your work is available for touring and you’d like it to be featured on the SWDancing2019 website, please email to let us know.


SWDancing Website


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