Applications for our Visiting Artist Programmes for 2024 is now closed.

Applications for our Associate Artist Programme for 2024-26 is now open.

We are delighted to welcome Lila Dance as our Associate Artist for 2023-25 along with Sean Moss and Linden Dance Company as our first Visiting Artists for 2023 and Julia Pond and Meera Patel as our second Visiting Artists for 2023.

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Pavilion Dance South West champions and celebrates diverse artistic voices. We support artists in their journeys of developing creative practices as well as choreographic works. We collaborate with artists in bringing engaging and empowering dance experiences to people. 

Working deeply with artists is part of our ethos at Pavilion Dance. It all starts with having an in-depth understanding of each artist’s unique practices. We are curious about ways in which artists activate spaces and connect with people. We work with artists by amplifying their artistic voices and exploring suitable contexts for their work to reach communities. 

Our Visiting Artists and Associate Artists are recruited via open callouts throughout the year.

Associate Artists

Through our Associate Artist scheme, we aim to instigate close partnership with some of the most creative talents in the sector, supporting and championing their work in a holistic way. 

We offer tailored support including cash investment, in-kind studio space, and creative and producing support on their artistic journeys. In turn, our Associate Artists inform and influence the ways in which we grow as an organisation. We want to walk alongside our Associate Artists as creative companions, working collaboratively in building a vibrant sector.

We welcome applications from artists with an established creative practice. There is one open call per year, and we will select one UK-based artist each year to be associated with us for a potential two-year period.

Visiting Artists

We believe the best way to get to know artists is to see them at work. Our Visiting Artist programme provides the opportunity to spend a week at our venue. Artists can design their week with us in ways that are best suited for them. Whether artists are interested in exploring new ideas in the studio, in meeting with our creative team for production advice, or in exchanging practice with fellow artists, we are there to support as much (or as little) as needed.  

Visiting Artists are invited to connect with us and our communities in ways that are most helpful for them in their journey of discovery. Be it work-in-progress sharings or social media takeovers, we work with artists to find ways for others to gain unique insight into their work. There are no set outcomes to deliver, only potential opportunities for artists and their ideas to meet people. 

We welcome applications from artists at any stage of their career. There are two open calls per year and we will select two artists for each callout (one from the South West and one from anywhere in England). 

Associate Artist for 2023-25: Lila Dance

Visiting Artists for 2023: Sean Moss, Linden Dance Company, Julia Pond & Meera Patel

Company in Residence for 2022-24: Sam Gilroy 

Base Camp company for 2022-25: Joli Vyann

See more about our work with Visiting and Associate Artists

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